ACE paper presentation at IAMM

ACE rules IAMM’16


The team ACE with Prof. Sarathchandra Das and Dr. Valliyappan David Natarajan 
from Universiti Tekonologi MARA, Malaysia .

The Department of Mechanical Engg have  presented  research papers at International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Mechanical Engineering and Management Studies (IAMM), at Trinity College.

The praiseworthy points are the involvement of even 1st year students in paper presentation. The Department under the leadership of Mr Azeem Hafiz has shown remarkable progress in the area of paper presentations and the entire team of Mechanical Department put the maximum effort for the said event.
This was very rightly sensed by the expert panel and they praised the efforts of the college faculty in this direction. We are proud of our staff who are really working hard for the betterment of the institution. 

13 research papers presented at International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Mechanical Engineering and Management Studies (IAMM), the mechanical engineering students of ACE College of Engineering stole the show . The expert panel and the judges showered praises for the efforts praised put by the ACE management and faculties to mould the UG students to compete with research scholars and PG students.


Papers Presented

  1. Analysis of Barriers Negatively Influencing Entry of Startup Airlines into Aviation Industry using ISM Methodology.
  2. Comparison of Plastic Derived Fuel Production Methods and Its Effect on Fuel Quality
  3. Design of an Innovative Coconut Grating Machine using Tinkercad
  4. Experimental Analysis of Performance Characteristics of Mini Channel Heat Exchangers
  5. Experimental Analysis of Solid Desiccant Wheel Dehumidifier
  6. Experimental Analysis of the Performance Characteristics of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled Using Kerosene-Diesel Blend
  7. Implementing the Theory of Problem Solving Methodology in Developing Innovative Products
  8. Organic Rankine Cycle System for Waste Heat Recovery from Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Exhaust
  9. Processing of Biodiesel from Algae and Experimental Investigation on Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
  10. Ranking of Elements Negatively Influencing Application of Latest Methods in Library Sciences Using Interpretive Structural Modelling
  11. Stress Analysis of Engineering Graduates using Six Sigma Methodology
  12. Study of Biogas as a Sustainable Energy Source in India
  13. Study of Structural Failure of Aircraft Using Six Sigma Methodology


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