Binder1_Page_35Our collection is fully focused on the core priority areas of Engineering and Technology. It brings the best and updated engineering and scientific resources for you. We are developing the library resources for the academic and professional development of students, which may help him throughout his career with more insights. The library cater to both the development of academic and professional life of our students; Be it the subjects inline for examination or the knowledge they seek for course completion projects, dissertations and assignments. Our vast resources also include publications and e-resources for skill development, research trends, industry outlooks etc. The library ensures the essential books to catch up with the syllabus are available to all around the semester. The library is connected to international knowledge centres through high speed data line. The library membership is sufficient to invoke the most elite information on any field of engineering study.

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The Library of ACE College of Engineering devises a new vision to fulfil the reader community needs. Our expansive library, the seat of information, amuses and evokes passion among the students with thought-provoking collection of books. As top engineering colleges in India a range of journals exist within to integrate and enhance awareness. Library & Info Centre delivers inflexible information and intellectual desires to our students. ACE archives offer a fully integrated and lively environment for piloting academic training. Our College library is well stacked with advanced records in various engineering and technology disciplines. The library has all IEEE journals and several National & International journals.   24 X 7 access to the books and journals is an additional facility to its members. Numerous copies ensure that resources are simply available in Reference Section as well as in Stock Section. Besides, our reference library provides Lending of books and journal back volumes, advance booking of books, Xerox, Internet facilities and CD/DVD etc. In accordance with all new objective of the College, the library aim to develop a variety collection of documents useful for researchers, faculty and the student community.

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