Internal Quality Assurance Cell of ACE College of Engineering was formulated on 17/09/2019 with principal Dr. Farrukh Sayeed as the Chairperson and Mr. Riyas Rahiman Asst Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering as the IQAC coordinator.  

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is established to develop a mechanism for systematic reviews of study programs and to ensure quality teaching-learning, research, knowledge generation, and support services standards at an acceptable level.

The functions of IQAC include setting the benchmarks for academic and administrative activities of ACE College of Engineering. IQAC ensures the organization of inter and intra-department workshops, seminars, etc for the quality enhancement of the teaching and learning community. IQAC conducts the periodic evaluation of academic and administrative audits and their follow-ups. IQAC also collects and evaluates the feedback response from students, parents, and other stakeholders for the betterment of quality standards.

The present IQAC members

Dr Farrukh Sayeed IQAC Chairperson, Principal
Mr. Noushad B S Management Representative
Mr. Asif Shahkutty IQAC Coordinator, Assistant Professor Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Prof. Priya C V HoD, Department of Civil Engineering
Prof.Anuroopa A HoD, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Prof. Arun Raj R HoD, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Sabu S Joseph HoD, Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Prof. Anshad P K HoD, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Prof. Reshmi V S HoD, Department of Science and Humanities
Mr. Aneesh Khalid Industry Expert
Mr. Aswin Member from the local body
Mr. Shibu N Senior Administrative Officer
Dr. Subbian Senior Faculty member, Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Mr. Abhijeeth J Nair Alumni member
Mr. Mohammed Ameen Student IV year, Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Mr. Gokul Raj R Student IV year, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Minutes of the Meeting

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