Students Club

Literary club

Literary club is to promote effective communication skills and creative logical thinking among the students. Through this club we are aiming to pick the talents from the campus. Beyond the curriculum effective speaking, reading and writing skills enhance love and passion towards literary works. We are organizing variety of activities, like essay writing, poetry writing, debate, elocution, quiz, creative writing etc,  to building up the confidence in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions.

Science & Technology club

Science and technology club of our college helps our students to explore their ability by making new views and ideas through different projects. Under the club we are aiming to give complete training to the students in science and technology subjects and helps them to explain different ideal concepts by using practical sessions. To get familiarize and exposure with the industries the club arranges study tours to industrial campuses of our countries and plans to visit foreign industrial campuses. For socializing the club we have a project to use waste materials and immediate available materials from the surroundings to makes some meaningful and socially committed scientific projects.

Book Club


Photography club

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