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Engineering the Electric Vehicles

The world is changing and the electric vehicle industry is embracing electric vehicle technology at a hard and faster rate than in the past. Electric vehicles, also known as electric cars, have made significant progress in the last decade and they are now on track to meet the objective of a green transportation system powered […]

The facets of civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest and broadest fields of engineering, encompassing various aspects such as the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. Civil engineers play a vital role in the development of a nation’s infrastructure, including transportation systems, water treatment facilities and governmental structures. These highly qualified professionals, who graduate from institutions worldwide, […]

Future beckons you

AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Engineering is a science encompassing the development, design, construction, testing and operation of vehicles that operate in outer space and within the Earth’s atmosphere. The modern-day word Aerospace has replaced the terms Astronautical and Aeronautical. Aeronautical engineering, also known as B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering, is concerned with the design and construction of aircraft, including […]

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