Science and Humanities

The department helps students of all ages understand how scientific knowledge develops and gives them an appreciation of the wide range of approaches that are used by scientists to investigate model and explain the world. Engaging in the practices of science also pushes students to use their knowledge and reflect on their own understanding of scientific ideas. They thereby gain a more flexible understanding of scientific explanations of natural phenomena and can take a critical perspective on scientific ideas. The shift towards a tighter coupling of scientific and engineering practices encourage the students practical learning and concept realization. Moreover, this coupling guards the knowledge preservation and updating among students. Prof. M.Sulekha is the head of the department of Science and Humanities having 39 years of academic experience. She served as HOD of Department of Mathematics; College of Engineering Trivandrum, Board of Studies Member; University of Kerala, Chairman of Syllabus Committee (Mathematics) of B.Tech and M.Tech. She is having life time membership in Kerala Mathematical Association.

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