B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering


Aeronautical Engineering is a division of  Aerospace engineering, is the field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Our college is one of the first to introduce this field in Kerala. Under KTU, we offer 4 year Bachelor of Technology degree. Our world class infrastructure and tie up with renowned names in the industry gives our students the best opportunity to excel in a career in Aero.

We have, Dr. Raman Balu, who retired as Group Director, Aerodynamics and Aero thermodynamics Group, VSSC in October 2006, after 37 years of service in ISRO and Prof Sundaresan M, also from ISRO after a long experience of 35 years.

The department has sophisticated infrastructure viz; Aerodynamics Lab, Aircraft Structures lab, Modelling and Simulation lab, Airframe Production & Maintenance lab, Propulsion lab,  Seminar hall, Conference hall and Duplex library. The department also has a wide range of teaching aids which enhances the understanding ability of students in various complicated subjects.

The department prepares the graduates to undertake design, research and manufacturing activities to choose their careers in aeronautical engineering. Also it promotes students in extra curricular activities such as paper presentation in National/International conferences, publishing paper in reputed journals etc… Visit our campus and find out more about what we are.


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