Developer Weekend on Web Designing

Developer Weekend on Web Designing

at ACE College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Ace Kalam Forum For Innovation(AKFI), ACE College of Engineering, Trivandrum, in association with StudyOwl conducted a Developer Weekend on May 13th and 14th, 2017, on the ever prevailing topic of Web Development.
Developer Weekend ( is community driven twoday event. The motto of Developer Weekend is to focus on new and trending technologies and to spend the weekend learning and mastering those skills. Developer Weekends give students the opportunity to learn from, interact with and gain insights from industry experts of various technical backgrounds.

This Developer Weekend in ACE is Organized by S6 Mechanical students Mr. Manikantan R Nair & Mr. Sarath Sankar

Mr. Prashanth Reddy from StudyOwl ( started the session in the most interactive way, introducing participants to the world of Web Development, and guiding them step by step, turn by turn into the intricacies. The topics covered by the end of first day included CSS, the style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language.
Second day session saw Mr. Prashanth open the show with bootstrap, the opensource frontend web framework for designing websites and web applications. Post bootstrap, the participants were introduced to the super popular and highly useful JavaScript, and guided through the ways of writing meaningful, useful code in JS, along with all the tips and tricks that the language has to offer.

Sunday’s tutorial session culminated into a 2 hour Hackathon, which was conducted with 2 people in each team. The top 2 teams among the 15 competing ones were chosen as winners of the Hackathon, and awarded with certificates from StudyOwl. The event ended with the great inspirational talks by Mr Azeem Hafiz(Mechanical HOD) and ECE Hod Mr.Rafeeq., At the End of the event StudyOwl( team selected 6 students from college and started the foundation for Developer Weekend Bootcamp coding club in the college and these students will be provided with free technical support for 1 year from the company., lot of students discussing their knowledge and insights, and bombarding the organizers with questions to clear their doubts.

Together with StudyOwl, through Developer Weekend, the participants explored the world of Web Development with a resolve to excel in the field.


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