Power Electronics Lab

Many new equipments were procured for Power Electronics Lab which was set up successfully. Some of the equipments include Slide Wire Potentiometer, Vernier Potentiometer, Spot Reflecting Galvanometer, and LVDT. Experiments on Bridge Converters, Triac, PLL, Thyristors are carried out and waveforms are observed on digital oscilloscopes.


  1. Study of Power devices- SCR, TRIAC, Power MOSFET, IGBT, etc.
  2. Static VI characteristics of SCR
  3. Characteristics of Power MOSFET.
  4. Characteristics of IGBT
  5. Phase control circuit using R and RC triggering.
  6. UJT trigger circuit for single phase controlled rectifier.
  7. AC voltage controller using Triac.
  8. Study of PLL IC – Determination of lock in range and capture range.
  9. Ramp Control trigger circuit
  10. Single phase fully controlled SCR bridge circuit.
  11. Study of motor control using controlled rectifier


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