Geotechnical Lab

This Laboratory is equipped with facilities to carry out many types of tests on soils. These include testing of a large range of sample sizes for compressibility, shear strength and drainage properties. Here the soil properties, characteristics, loading limit, consolidation, & compaction etc. are determined.

Various equipment’s including:

1. Mini pressure meter
2. Direct shear testing machine
3. Compaction factor testing machine
4. Consolidation apparatus
5. Unconfined consolidation testing machine
6. Pycnometer
7. Atterbergs limit
8. Astm tools
9. Sieve shaker

TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING LABORATORY: There pavement material testing and traffic engineering studies are performed. Various equipment’s include:

1. Ductility testing machine
2. Viscosity tester
3. Dorrys abrasion testing machine
4. Devals attrition tester
5. Los angeles abrasion testing machine
6. Size and shape equipments
7. Flash and fire point apparatus
8. Softening point apparatus
9. Marshalls stability testing equipment
10. Specific gravity apparatus

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY: Hardness , dissolved salts, dissolved oxygen , chlorine content etc. in water are determined

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