Digital Circuits Lab

The Digital Lab is well equipped with all the trainer kits and measuring instruments for the proper setting up of different Digital circuits and experiment. An IC tester is also available in the lab for testing of ICs.
Following are the prominent power electronics equipment and tools: like Linear and Digital Trainer kits, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope and Function Generator as listed below

  • Characteristics of TTL and CMOS gates
  • Familiarization of Logic Gates
  • Verification and Realization of DeMorgan’s theorem and Realization of SOP and POS functions after
  • K map reduction
  • Half adder and full adder (using XOR, AND and OR gates)
  • 4 bit adder/ subtractor and BCD adder using IC 7483/ CMOS equivalent.
  • Realization of RS, T, D, JK flip-flops using gates.
  • Study of Flip Flop ICs (7474, 7476).
  • Design and testing of monostable and astable multivibrators using ICs. (74121 for monoshot and 555 for astable)
  • BCD to decimal decoder and BCD to 7 segment decoder and display
  • Realisation of two bit comparator using gates and study of four bit comparator IC (7485)
  • Optional – Simulation of some of the above experiments using VHDL/PSPICE.


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