Designation: ASST. PROF.

Qualification: M.TECH, Ph D

Email-id: [email protected]

Experience: 14.5  Yrs

Title of Paper/Journal/ Conference Date
1.     A paper on Implementation of maximum power point tracking method in a PV system using Bird Mating Optimiser in International Journal for advanced research in Dynamical and Control System, 2018 2018
2.     A paper on Implementation of a novel control technique in Landsman Converter using Bumble bee optimiser in International Journal of Electrical and Technology, 2018 2018
3.     A paper on “Fractal Based Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna for Data Communication” in AEGT 2015 2015
4.     a paper on “Fixed Frequency Sliding Mode – PI Control for Single Phase Unipolar Inverters” in Asian Journal of Science and Applied Technology 2013 2013