The mechanical engineering association CHAKRA was inaugurated on 20th September 2014 by NISSAN motors state head Jayadev R. CHAKRA gives platfor
m to budding mechanical engineers to bloom and express their talents. CHAKRA is a banner under which technical talks, road safety campaigns, health awareness campaign and charity can be conducted.A talk on “INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY FUTURE PROSPECTS” was given by Mr. Jayadev.R.


Faculty training on ANSYS and CATIA
Mechanical department of ACE College of Engineering has organized a software training for the faculties of mechanical and Aeronautical department. Mechanical department has purchased licenses for Mechanical Analysis softwares like ANSYS and CATIA. Mechanical Engineering department is keen on updating faculties on new trends in academics and technological advancements. A 5 day training program for ANSYS and CATIA was successfully conducted for 12 faculties during the September 2014 by Dassault systemes authorized trainer.
AUTO SHOW – Metalz and Rubberz
In connection with ACE FEST – 15, Mechanical engineering department has conducted an Auto Show – Metalz and Rubberz on 13th and 14th January 2015. The Auto Show has been a great success. It was a crowd puller during ACE FEST 15. Modified two wheelers and four wheelers exhibited by various teams mesmerized the audience regardless age. The teams stole the breath of viewers by their thrilling stunt shows.
The short film competition conducted based on social issues was a big success in numbers and quality of the movies. It added value to ACE FEST – 15. Some creative movies touched the heart of the audience and won the appreciation of the crowd. The competitors and movie enthusiasts from various schools and colleges were extremely happy with the infrastructures and facilities provided to them.

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