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The Dept of Civil Engineering bagged the ever rolling Championship Trophy for the events conducted on Sports Day, 16th January 2014 by ACE College of Engineering at University Stadium, Trivandrum.


Zonal Level workshop was conducted at ACE College of Engineering in the month of February 2015 from which 3 teams comprising of 15 students from the region got selected to participate in the final rounds at Mumbai IIT. Of these 3 teams, 2 were from ACE College of Engineering.

The final rounds for India’s Biggest Civil Championship, was held at IIT Bombay on 4th and 5th of April in which more than 2500 students from all over India participated.


Bridge making competition held @ ACE

bridge ce

The Zonal winners from each region got selected directly into the semifinals.The runner up teams had to compete in  the quarter final rounds in order to advance into the next level.The quarterfinal round was yet another bridge designing and fabrication round.The 2nd position team which consisted of  Nikhil.P, Nadeem Noushad, Anu Raj, Muhammed Aslam and Sain Sainullabdeen from s4 civil engineering fabricated a lower truss bridge which weighed 5.8 grams beard a load of 7.8 kgs which easily met the qualification criteria to enter the semifinals.The semifinal level competition was a technical quiz competition based on civil engineering concepts.The winning team that comprised of Vishnu Dileep,Rahul Krishnan,Akhil Thampi,Anand Shankar,and Althaf from s1-s2 civil engineering along with the runner up team reached till semifinals.


@ IIT Bombay

Department organised an internship programme at Kochi metro Project.


Kochi Metro site

Department organised an internship programme at V-GUARD industries for studying the details of Green house building.

IMG_20160430_114945 (1) IMG_20160430_114949 (1) IMG_20160430_115000 (1) IMG_20160430_115008 (1)


Students of fourth semester Civil Engineering came up with a new idea of smart building using mud and bamboo sticks. Solar energy, rain-water harvesting, biogas plants, etc were also included effectively in this design.

CE smart building

Students with their Smart Building Model


We believe in a system where there is no saturation point for gaining knowledge. A good teacher is always a good learner who is always in the process of learning new things. We implement training to our faculties on periodic basis. some of the training programs conducted includes

1. TRANSACTION ANALYSIS (June 19- 20, 2013)

Transaction analysis gives us a picture of how people are structured psychologically. It create a good understanding between teacher and student


Overall development of the teacher plays a vital role in upliftment of students. Observation in correct perspective, intellectual sharpness to improve etc depends on ones personality. To motivate and improve qualities of students is the duty of a teacher.


Psychometric Profiling is a tool which asses the behaviour of students in academics. Our faculties are trained to have better understanding of student behaviour.
Our faculty members are well trained on ‘Effective Communication’, ‘Quality Management in Education Sector’ etc.




  • ISO TRAINING: Our faculties are trained for Quality management systems under ISO 9001 : 2008 (December 2014)
  1. FACULTY TRAINING : The training was conducted for all faculties and staffs on July 2015 for the following topics


Philosophy of self

Who am I? Why am I? Where am I? Keys to develop a positive attitude enabling better performance

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
Human Temperament

Discovering your temperament & Behavioural patterns

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj

Developing self-worth, selfconfidence & self esteem

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
An Introduction to NLP

Defining Neuro linguistic Programming Presuppositions of NLP Principles for Success

Cliff Marcus Dare
Sub modalities for Change

Eliciting Sub modalities, Utilizing Drivers Contrastive Analysis, Changing Beliefs Swish Pattern, Fast Phobia Cure

Cliff Marcus Dare
Sub modalities for Change

Eliciting Sub modalities, Utilizing Drivers Contrastive Analysis, Changing Beliefs Swish Pattern, Fast Phobia Cure

Cliff Marcus Dare

Matching & Mirroring, Pacing & leading Indicators of Rapport, Instant Rapport Group Rapport

Cliff Marcus Dare

Keys to anchoring, Steps of anchoring Building resource anchors, Collapsing anchors, Chaining anchors, Moving from procrastination to motivation

Cliff Marcus Dare
SWOC Analysis

To assess your current status in skill domain

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
Communication Skills

Styles, Personal learning style Personal listening style

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
Teaching Skills

Innovation & Creativity

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
Your Students

Understanding their philosophy & psychology

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
Motivation Skills

How to motivate students for better performance

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj
Basic Counseling

Helping students to develop a balanced mind

Dr. Jeremy Sunderraj

Context reframing, Content reframing, Six steps reframe, Parts & positive intentions Negotiation

Cliff Marcus Dare
Changing personal history

Organization & storage of time, In time & through time, Elicitation of time line, Changing the time line, Releasing negative emotions, Releasing limiting decisions Installing future goals

Cliff Marcus Dare


2. Microsoft training: training was conducted by Microsoft for the faculties and staff on September 2015


3.ICTAK Faculty Development Programme on Concepts Coaching from 4 January 2016 – 6 January 2016


Apart from academics, emphasis is given to effective communication skills, personality development, and stress management. Following trainings were given to students from the first semester onwards. Trainings are provided by well reputed firms like Career Launcher free of cost.

1. IELTS 2. Personality 3. Stress management 4.Aptitude training

Technical training is also provided in the higher semester which includes
2. STAAD Pro
5. SAP 2000