I would like to thank the Placement Department at ACE College of Engineering for organizing various Training Programmes during our semester breaks. This training helped me to improve my skills in the software field and to be placed in Tata Consultancy Services.

The best parts of the training were Group Discussion and Interviews. That was very helpful to improve my confidence level.

I thank the entire Electronics and Communication Department for your huge support.  Thank you all!

Fathima Saif,                                                                                     

S8, ECE, 2016-20 Batch. 

I am thankful to both the faculty and the Placement Department of ACE College of Engineering for the great support they provided. The Placement officer does a great job by arranging excellent placement opportunity for all the students. The training I received during the semesters has landed me a job in a reputed company for which I’m forever grateful to the institution.

ECE, 2016-2020 Batch.

College is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore, and literature. Studying at ACE College of Engineering transformed my life. I am thankful to the Principal, Dr. Farrukh Sayeed for his immense support, both in academics and co-curricular activities.  I have received great support from the faculties and the placement office. I am thankful to Prof. Saju Thomas, TPO for providing a platform to enhance my skills and also for his vigorous support and timely interventions for providing students with lots of opportunities.

Prof. Priya, HoD of Civil Engineering, the immense supporter of our journey from the first year to fourth year, requires a special mention. We were lucky to have Thasneem ma’m, the teacher who inspires our hope, ignites our imagination, and instills a love of learning as the placement faculty coordinator of our department. Her guidance and immense support made my journey to one of the top globally recognised companies like Infosys easier. I am extremely thankful to all my teachers and colleagues who have supported me throughout my college life.

For my juniors, my only advice is that in the present scenario, it is not at all advisable to sit at home after completing B.Tech. Improve yourself by attending the training classes conducted by CGPU. It will definitely help you in many aspects and improve your confidence in attending other aptitude tests. Taking skillrack tests regularly has been my key to success. Utilize  all the opportunities you get, prepare well, and work towards your goal. The only thing that matters is “YOUR WILL TO DO ’’.

AATHIRA S D                                                                           

S8 CE, 2016-2020 BATCH.

I am absolutely privileged to be a part of ACE College Of Engineering and the placement drives I attended during my B-TECH course. Each placement drive is an experience and an opportunity and the chance to express the knowledge you have attained during your academic life . Getting jobs outside your campus life is very difficult as you would be in constant competition with your seniors and probably with your juniors, who also have a similar thought of getting placed in good companies than the companies coming from the colleges.

My sincere request and appeal to my juniors is that do not distinguish between core and software jobs and never say to the interviewer that you were interested in this type of job and not the one you are in with and you were rather pushed to accept this as per the harsh realities of life (which would eventually end up in rejection of your candidature). So accept the job sincerely and change to a better company with the experience and additional skills that you have learned. Always enrich your industrial knowledge by doing related courses of your branch during your semester vacations; it will help you in some form or the other in getting placed. Never postpone things for the future. Be ready to take the challenge. “Wishing all my juniors best wishes for their career. Industry is waiting for you- BE READY”

I express my sincere gratitude to Career Guidance and Placement Unit (CGPU) led by Professor Saju Thomas and his team for all the support and training given to me as part of Placement Programs.


EEE (2015-2019) BATCH

“The aim of every Engineering student is to get an opportunity to start their career with a reputed organisation and

develop their skills. I am very thankful to the faculties of Electronics & Communication Department and the Placement Cell for their continuous support.”

Anisha Jubaitha, ECE, 2015-19 batch

In the present scenario where there are tight competitions in all fields for getting a job, nobody can miss a chance that decides their future. Even I was anxious about my placement and career and these thoughts would come to us in our final academic years. The only aim I had was to get a job as I couldn’t imagine sitting still at home after engineering. I really enjoyed the placement drives, which gave me so much experience and confidence in attending further ones. It is not mandatory that you must be top in your academics to crack an interview and get placed, but it is always recommended to keep minimum backlogs. An average student with good communication skill and ability to handle different situations can easily get placed. Attend as much placements as you can, this will make you confident to perform well in group discussion and interviews. Our College Placement Cell (CGPU) would give you good exposure and be ready to grab the opportunity. Wishing all my juniors a great career and remember these quotes in your endeavours:

“For all your days prepare
and meet them ever alike,
When you are the anvil, Bear
When you are the hammer, Strike “

Thank you!


S8 CE, 2015-19 Batch

I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge: ACE College of Engineering. I was highly elated when I got the admission in Electronics and Communication Engineering here. As I had always wished to graduate from a place that has cooperative professors, a state of the art infrastructure, huge library resources, laboratories pertaining to latest technologies and clean and unique campus with a good canteen that serves very hygienic food. The congenial environment here has given me numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and groom my personality.The college environment provides us a platform where we can develop ourselves uniquely and prove to be an expert in highly competitive world.

Being the part of the CGPU team, I have acquired many invaluable grooming on soft skill as well as the aptitude. I want to convey my sincere gratitude to Prof Saju Thomas who have vigorously tried to provide a better future for us. I am fortunate to be a part of this great college and I promise to enlighten the society with the flame of knowledge passed down to me from this auspicious place.

I loved each and every moment spend in this prestigious institute ,I will cherish it throughout my life
Thanks ECE dept , CGPU team ,seniors and my lovely friends for this beautiful journey.
Amal BR, 
S8, ECE, 2014-18 Batch.

Feedback on Weekly Assessment Tests

Skillrack.com provides us with a platform to sharpen our problem solving skills. As the saying goes “Practice makes man perfect”. By taking the tests scheduled every week, we get an exposure to various types of questions encountered for the recruitment process.

Skillrack not only provides a platform for the practice but also give the opportunity for continuous evaluation of our progress. It has a feature which analyses your performance and gives a report on your strengths and weakness. You come to know where you stand before the actual race.

Campus Express is a set of four books published by Carer Launcher which I found very useful. It contains details about various subtopics which is useful both for quick reference as well as for continuous practice. It covers all the important subject areas along with examples and exercises.

Amrutha MA, S7 CE


Respected sir,

Firstly let me thank you on behalf of all three of us for giving us a chance to experience a real placement drive. Though we have attended a number of trainings and mock tests, attending a real placement drive is not an easy task. We have never imagined that there will be such a huge number of students coming there to attend the drive. On the first day, the processes started at around 10 am. Initially, we had a pre-placement talk by one of the HR members of Kaar Technologies. We got a very clear idea about their company from the talk itself. Next, there was a 1 hour aptitude test. The test had questions on quantitative aptitude, reasoning, business English etc. The test was comparatively tough, I think. Then the number of students shrank to 63. I luckily became one among the 63.
The next day, there was a GD session. The 63 students were divided into 9 batches of 7 each. I would say that I have never witnessed a more active GD than this before. All the students who were there were excellent. This shows that the competition outside is becoming more and more tougher. We definitely need to be much more prepared and equipped before attending future placement drives.
I understood the value of taking aptitude tests, participating in group discussions etc. once I was there.
Though I didn’t get placed, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience by attending the drive. The lessons which I learned from there are definitely worth more than the money spent.

Once again I thank you for arranging such an opportunity for us. I hope that I will be able to perform better in the coming drives.

I have some suggestions to my friends :

1. No matter what all are there in your resume, you will have to clear the aptitude test first to prove your worth. So, please take it    seriously. Kindly be prepared with it, either through Skillrack or through any other platform.
2. The GD sessions are not as easy as we think. Every one out there are very competitive, determined and confident. We will definitely have to try harder to get recognized there. Communication skills, listening skills etc. are very important.
3 Always keep updated copies of resume and passport sized photographs ready with you.
4. Before attending any interview, do a detailed study about the company you have applied to. They may ask you questions on that.
5. Attend the GD sessions and mock tests conducted in the college. This is very important. Be an active speaker in the GDs.

6. Develop the habit of speaking in English. All the candidates there were very fluent in English. Being able to communicate well will boost your confidence.

We all are capable of doing much better, we just need to be more prepared and confident.”

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there  – Theodore Roosevelt”

Warm regards,

Ali Fathima N A
ECE, 2013-17 Batch.

“I thank the entire Placement Department at ACE College of Engineering for organising the Training Programmes during the break. This helped us to asses ourselves as well as be prepared for what awaits us in the near future when we enter the recruitment process.

The topic I liked best about the CGPU programmes was the Group Discussion session. Both trainers where exceptionally good and their presentation and ability to keep us interested was excellent.
I would like to know more about the proposed language classes (FRENCH), whether it would be conducted or not.”

Thank You,


S4 CE, 2013-17 Batch.

“I would like to have more training sessions like this conducted.
Could have done Company familiarisation in some other higher semester ..,not now!”


S4, CE, 2013-17 Batch.

“Thank you for the Training classes. It inspired me a lot.”


S4, EC, 2013-17 Batch.


Thank you for coordinating the event and making it a huge success and I am personally very happy for arranging all necessary infra for smooth hiring process.
Rakesh Chirtha
BPS_CORP Resource Management Group

TRAINERS“It’s been an incredible journey for me, with the students of ACE Engineering College. I had the pleasure of training three consecutive batches which, i am proud to say, are poised to change the world with Confidence  and Credibility. I have never seen a more curious batch. They listened with rapt attention, participated with vigor in all of my sessions and activities.  I am awaiting eagerly to hear how my students are transforming the nation, for the better.
ACE has in my words started a movement. to build character, citizenship and confidence in young people.I wish all of my students the very best in life ahead and thank wholeheartedly the Principal, CGPU and faculty for helping make this bond possible.”
Naveen Cherian,
Corporate Trainer, Career Launcher.

“Success of any institution is based on the vision of the management. The promoters of ACE is always very positive and open for better suggestions to improve the academics and the holistic development of their students. They truly believe that success of the institution is not possible without the individual success of each and every students of theirs. I got opportunities to interact with the management and students from the very beginning. The quality of the students is also comparatively high. I am sure ACE college of engineering is one of the best places for learning and development. I wish the all the best. “

Best Regards,
Praveen S K
Career Mentor & Motivational Speaker.
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