Student Achievements (EEE)

  • We are one among the four Engineering Colleges selected for the Second Stage of REBOOT KERALA HACKATHON- a joint initiative of the Department of Higher Education Government of Kerala and Additional Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP). The team is headed by Ashik Kalam of S6 under the guidance of Ms. Josephin Mary S, Asst. Professor, EEE Dept.
  • Ajeshlal U of S8 cracked the prestigious GATE exam 2020 and is amongst the many achievers in pursuit of higher education.
  • EEE students are engaged in various technical ventures organized by the Government of Kerala like ‘Reboot Kerala Hackathon’- a joint Initiative of the Dept. of Higher Education and ASAP, taking into account the practical issues faced by people in the electrical energy sector.
  • EEE Students are getting in-house as well as external training and exposure on ROBOTICS, which is one of the most interesting and challenging interdisciplinary branch of Engineering.
  • EEE Department promotes Engineering with Social Commitment. Students’ active involvement in electrical re-installation works as a part of the flood relief activities and as volunteers of District Disaster Management Authority are living examples.
  • EEE Department encourages socially relevant project works with many of the recent works on Electric& Hybrid Vehicles– the current trend in Electrical Engineering, including funded projects by ICTAK.
  • Active participation of students in national and international conferences and reputed journal publications as part of their project works.
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