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(Rules for Placement Process to be communicated to Companies & Students)

We are candid and truthful in our transactions and relationships. You have to work hard and shape up. Below are the rules we communicate to companies and follow at the institute. The rules below will not be diluted for any one.

  1. ACE is not a placement agency. Placement is an outcome of competency and we groom students to reach the desired level of competence. Hence each student is eventually responsible for his/her placement by drawing upon the learning and other opportunities made available at the institute. One must become responsible and accountable to oneself for one’s success. ACE can facilitate grooming for success and bring opportunities to its doorstep. The student should snatch it being competitive and competent.
  2. For a student to be eligible for placement he / she cannot have any backlog in examination / tests. However a max of 2 backlogs may be permitted on the assumption that he will clear it along with the Final exams.
  3. If one’s grading is less than 6 out of 10 in any training activity conducted by Placement cell, he/she will not be eligible to participate in campus recruitmentThis is because many companies return without picking up anyone from campus because they are unfit. This affects the next batch passing out from ACE as the corporate will not be interested to come in the following years.
  4. In the placement process, students will be asked to present their respective resumes to infer their unique attributes as individuals and professionals. Each student has to submit resumes showcasing his/her intensity of aspiration in a well-researched format. Therefore, it is in the interest of each student to keep ready his/her resume to showcase his/her talents, learning, interest etc. Resume creation is a long drawn process. Therefore each student to have goal clarity and proceed to create it bit by bit.
  5. To be eligible for placement, one has to visit minimum three companies spanning different sectors and submit assignments in the institute format . Visiting web sites and Google to know and understand the company is not enough. Physical visit and interaction is a must.
  6. Each student will be given one GD / Interview chances and, if the need arises, a final grace chance also, for placement. However this additional opportunity will be given only after all the other students have had their initial chances. Therefore, each one must carefully and seriously consider his options and accordingly appear for the respective interviews. Chances cannot be wasted. This is to make students serious and sincere. Unlimited chances make students casual.
  7. When a student has been given an offer by a company through the campus placement, he / she has 24 hours to accept or decline the offer. If the offer is accepted, the student will be withdrawn from the placement process. If the offer is declined, it will be considered as a chance utilized from among the 2 chances permitted.
  8. Companies will be requested to issue offer letters addressed to the institute and acceptance or declining of such offers also goes through CGPU. This is for the institute to monitor the process properly.
  9. The making of an offer and acceptance of the same must be in writing always. A company intending to examine all or most of the students may do a PPT (presentation) in advance. All students placed or otherwise, must sit for these presentations as those are great learning opportunities.
  10. If a student accepts an offer and commits to a particular company but joins another one (not through campus placements), the institute reserves the right to withhold that student’s certificate(s) if informed of the same by the former company. Breach of commitment is not acceptable. Institute may also inform the latter company, about the breach.
  11. Having joined a company, retention / leaving is a matter between the company and the student and will not concern the institute. ACE is confident, however, that its students will not leave without fulfilling commitments made to the companies at the time of joining.
  12. Any given company is free to offer differential salaries to differently competent students, as it deems fit and proper. This rule is intended to make the students work hard at the institute to emerge professional and competitive and bag the best offers. It is up to the students and companies.
  13. We recommend to companies that they do not communicate salary figures in pre-placement presentations. The companies are also encouraged to clearly explain work expectations, conditions, value systems, attitudes and behaviors expected etc. at their organizations so that students inclined towards those only offer their candidature. This is to make students appreciate the total cost – benefit to them rather than the money.


A. Eligibility Criteria for Registration

Students will be eligible for participating in the placement process on the following grounds:-

  1. He/ She should have cleared all subjects.
  2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) above 6
  3. Score above 60% for all training activities conducted by CGPU

B. Pre-Placement Activities

Selecting the Student Coordinator (SC)/ Representatives (SR)

Step I – Notice regarding vacancy will be displayed on the notice board on yearly basis.

Step II – Preliminary Interview of the students who have applied will be conducted by the Faculty Coordinator and TPO.

Step III – Announcement of the selected names.

C. During the Placement

  • Companies visit the campus on the given date and conduct the written technical/aptitude test, group discussion/personal interview as a part of their selection procedure.
  • The company/organization is required to furnish the final list of selected students as soon as possible after the final completion of procedure.
  • The selected students are given the Offer Letter from the Company and the student accepts/rejects the offer within 24 hrs
  • The selected students may or may not be allowed to sit in further job interviews as per the placement policy of the institute.
  • The Student representatives should make necessary arrangement for the company official visiting the campus for selection.

D. Post-placement Activities

  • The TPO has to follow up with the concerned person in the respective company to get the Appointment Letter of the selected candidates who have accepted the offer.


Code of Conduct for students participating in Placement Session

  • Students must be punctual in reporting to the company for the recruitment process.
  • Students should not discuss any points (Package, Job profile, Location etc) at the time of interview. Any queries should be discussed with the Placement Coordinator.
  • It is expected that students prepare a file, in hard copy, of all their academic records when appearing for campus recruitment process.
  • Candidates should always carry 4 copies of their resume (as per the college format) and 2 passport size photographs for the GD/Interview of a company.
  • Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion/ Interviews, and produce the same when demanded by visiting team or their representatives.
  • Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the vicinity of a company official and also are forbidden to carry the question paper out of the examination hall after the written exam.
  • Students are expected to maintain decorum in all interactions with company officials such as PPT, written exam and so on.
  • Students should reach for PPT/Test/Group Discussion/Interviews on time. Also Students will not be allowed to leave the Hall before the PPT is completely finished. Any student found violating this will be liable to disciplinary action.
  • It is compulsory for every interested candidate to attend the Pre-Placement Talk of a company in formals for which he / she has applied otherwise he / she will not be allowed to sit in the placement process of that company.
  • No student will directly contact any company official for any purpose. This includes forwarding of resumes for consideration, opportunities of Internships/Dissertations etc. All communication should be channelized through Placement /Coordinator of Placement Cell.
  • Students are also advised to keep a watch on the Notice Boards
  • Under no circumstances should a student negotiate with a company executive about CTC offered during the course of the selection process. Any student violating this norm will be liable to strict disciplinary action.

Dress Code:

a. For Boys

(i) Full‐sleeves formal shirt tucked in with formal plain trousers

(ii) Neatly polished black shoes

b. For Girls

(i) Salwar Kameez with plain dupatta

(ii) Low heel footwear.

Students will be removed from the placement process and placed under the category ‘Out of Placement’ (OOP) under the following conditions:

a) Accepts the offer made by the Company 

b) Fails to report in time for any of the HR Talk/ Placement Drive/ Test/ Interview/ GD 

c) Misbehaves with any of the Staff/ FC/ SC/ SR during the Placement Process

d) Voluntarily opts out of the placement process.

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