Systems & Control Lab

This course will enable the students to develop mathematical models for electrical systems and implement controllers and compensators for systems based on system performance.

List of Experiments:

  1. Predetermination and verification of frequency response characteristics of Lag and Lead networks.
  2. Transfer Function of AC and DC servomotors
  3. Step and frequency response of R-L-C circuit
  4. Study of various types of synchros (TX, TR & TDX). Characteristics of transmitter, data transmission using TX-T R pair. Effect of TDX in data transmission.
  5. Study of P, PI and PID controllers. Response analysis of a typical system with different controllers using process control simulator.
  6. Study of performance characteristics and response analysis of a typical temperature/ Flow/ Level control system.
  7. MATLAB: Use of control system Tool box for the Time domain and frequency domain methods of system analysis and design
  8. SIMULINK: Simulation and control of real time systems using SIMULINK
  9. Compensator design using Bode plot with MATLAB control system Tool box
  10. Programmable Logic controller (PLC): To control a simple process using PLC
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