Practical Surveying Lab


Here practical lessons on surveying theory are provided. Starting from the old metric chains to latest total station we have it in our labs. The various instruments/ equipment’s include:


It is the most modern and innovative surveying equipment. It is a combination of electronic theodolite and EDM. Its features include:

      • Angle measurement
      • Distance measurement
      • Coordinate measurement
      • Data processing

In our Surveying Laboratory, Total Station is implemented as a part of the syllabus and for precise surveying jobs/practices out of the syllabus. Students are given special training on effective application of total station in the field, by which they will be familiar with the latest field practices of accurate surveying.


Theodolite is a surveying instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. This is more precise than magnetic compass. Magnetic compass measures the angle up to as accuracy of 30’. However, a vernier theodolite measures the angles up to an accuracy of 10’’, 20”


The automatic level is most commonly used in measuring, surveying, and setting horizontal and vertical levels. The instrument is normally situated on a tripod and then calibrated to a levelled position using levelling screws.
In addition to old dumpy level we also provide auto level for our surveying sessions to determine the Reduced Level of points. Students can thereby compare the accuracy and ease of measurement using Auto Level.

Other equipment’s include,

    • Compass
    • Plane table
    • Dumpy level
    • Total station
    • Metric chain
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