Modelling & Simulation Lab

Modelling and Simulation Lab


Modeling and Simulation lab has advanced software like CATIA, ANSYS, FLUENT etc. CATIA V5 solid modeling software is used extensively in the aerospace industry to design aircraft and aircraft parts. The CATIA V5 part design workbench is used to model the wing rib form blocks, and the sheet metal design workbench is used to model the formed wing rib.

CATIA V5 solid modeling software is used extensively in the aerospace industry to design aircraft and aircraft parts, and it is important that technology students learn this new software early on and expand their knowledge during subsequent course work. The program is too large and complicated to master in one semester, and if you don’t use the program regularly the knowledge will disappear soon. Our students are required to take an introductory computer graphics course during their freshmen year. CATIA V5 is the program used in the course, but this course is focused on learning how to use the program.

There is not an output application besides creating engineering drawings. There is only enough time in this course to teach students the parts design, assembly, and drafting work benches. Specialized workbenches like sheet metal design or prismatic machining are not covered. We feel that the introductory course is only the first step, and the knowledge needs to be reinforced and expanded in specific aviation courses where CATIA V5 will be used to fabricate parts with CNC equipment.

List of Experiments:

1) Design and drafting of riveted joints

2) Design and drafting of welded joints.

3) Layout of typical wing structure.

4) Stress analysis of a rectangular plate with a hole.

5) Static analysis on cantilever beam

6) Static analysis of forces in a simply supported beam

7) Static analysis- Plane truss

8) 2-D static stress analysis

9) 3-D static stress analysis

10) Three view diagram of a typical aircraft

11) Analysis of a model airplane wing

12) Simulation of flow through a Converging-diverging nozzle.

13) Structural analysis of a tapered wing

14) Stress and modal analysis of a cylinder under pressure

15) Stress distribution in indeterminate structure


Course Outcome:

Students will get an insight into the use of different simulation and analysis software (viz. PRO/E, CATIA, ANSYS, MSC / Nastran) to simulate flow behaviour and perform Structural analysis.




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