Microprocessor Lab

This course will enable the students to get practical knowledge to develop and execute programs for microprocessor based applications in electrical and electronics engineering. Various microprocessor based arithmetic operations and logic operations are carried out and students will get a good idea about the programming part of microprocessors and its applications.

List of Experiments:

  1. Study of 8085 Microprocessor kit and Instruction set.
  2. Data transfer instructions using different addressing modes and block transfer.
  3. Arithmetic operations in binary and BCD-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  4. Logical instructions- sorting of arrays in ascending and descending order.
  5. Binary to BCD conversion and vice versa.
  6. Digital I/O using PPI-square wave generation.
  7. Interfacing D/A converter- generation of simple waveforms-triangular wave, ramp etc.
  8. Interfacing A/D converter
  9. Stepper motor control (8085).
  10. D.C. motor control-interfacing of 12 V PMDC motor (8085).
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