Microcontroller Lab

The Microcontroller Laboratory is to provide an insight into the working of a microcontroller and for familiarizing the programming of 8 bit microcontrollers. This lab aims in inculcating the knowledge of programming skills by executing various programs like arithmetic operations, code conversions, searching and sorting algorithms studied in the Microcontroller course. The lab is also used by the students to interface the microcontroller to various peripheral devices to generate waveforms, perform A/D and D/A conversions, Displays, Digital clock, Stepper motor interfacing, LED interfacing, 7 segment display interfacing. Microcontroller lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge on architecture, programming and interfacing of various microcontrollers. The features and facilities available in this lab will help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies related to microcontrollers.

  • 8051 Microcontroller Trainer
  • Stepper Motor Controller Study Module
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope


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