Electronic Circuits Lab

This Lab familiarizes the students with the fundamentals of analog electronics. The Lab is well equipped with Signal generating and Measuring instruments for doing all the experiments that comes under analog electronics
Experiments done on Electronic Circuits Lab. This is the basic and the core laboratory, which introduces a student to the world of electronic circuits and equipments. This laboratory focusses on the skills of designing, developing, and testing wide range of electronic circuits using test and measuring instruments like cathode ray oscilloscopes, function generators, digital multimeters etc. In this lab, the students will be able to carry out the experiments and analyze the electronic circuits such as rectifiers, filters, amplifiers, oscillators etc.

    • Characteristics of a diode and zener diode.
    • R-C differentiating, integrating, clipping and clamping circuits (using diodes or transistors) -Transfer characteristics.
    • Zener regulator and stabilized power supply using series regulator.
    • Characteristics of an NPN transistor (CE and CB)
    • Characteristics of JFET (Draw the equivalent circuit).
    • Design and testing of a Common Emitter amplifier – frequency response characteristics.
    • Design and testing of a common source JFET amplifier – frequency response characteristics.
    • Design and testing of R-C phase shift and Wein bridge oscillators
    • Crystal oscillator
    • Ramp generation using transistor circuit
    • Characteristics of opto-coupler
    • UJT oscillator
    • Study of OPAMP 741 and finding its parameters
    • Inverting and non-inverting amplifiers using OPAMP
  • Optional – Simulation of some of the above experiments using
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