Electrical Machines Lab

This is the main lab where experiments like load test on various machines, speed control tests, open circuit tests, short circuit tests, etc are carried out and also wide variety of practical’s are performed here with combination of different rotating machines.

Machines Lab 1(4th Semester) course contains different experiments containing DC motors and Transformers

  • OCC of DC generator – Critical Resistance and critical speed
  • Load characteristics of dc shunt and compound generators
  • Load test on dc series motor
  • Load test on DC shunt motor
  • Swinburne’s and Retardation tests on dc machine.
  • Hopkinson’s test
  • Separation of losses in dc machines.
  • Polarity and transformation ratio test on a single phase transformer
  • OC and SC test on single phase transformer – equivalent circuit -predetermination of regulation and efficiency.
  • Sumpner’s test on two single phase transformers
  • OC and SC test on three phase transformer
  • Separation of losses in a single phase transformer

ACE-Machines-Lab-1-and-2-4th-and-7th-Semester-300x182 Machines-Lab-1-and-2-4th-and-7th-Semester-300x169 Machines-Lab-1-and-2-4th-and-7th-Semester-ace-300x169 Machines-Lab-1-and-2-4th-and-7th-Semester-ACE-College-300x169

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