EEE Workshop

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Workshop (1st Semester)

This Workshop course is offered to all the branches in their 1st year in order to give a basic understanding about household wiring system and simple electronic circuits. It mainly consists of wiring of household wirings with basic understanding of tools and apparatus used for wiring, estimation of requirements and wiring of circuits. Electronic circuits are also familiarized in this course


The experiments done in this workshop are

  • Study of wiring cables and electrical accessories – Electrical and Electronics symbols.
  • Simple wiring circuits- A light is controlled by a single pole single throw (S.P.S.T) switch , addition of a plug point in the light circuit and addition of a calling bell in the wiring circuit.
  • Circuit with Fluorescent tube light
  • Circuits to control a lamp from two independent positions
  • Hospital wiring
  • Godown wiring
  • Wiring of D.B with ELCB and MCB.
  • Testing of circuits – testing of ON/OFF conditions using a tester, test lamp, and location of phase and neutral.
  • Study of analog and digital multimeters and other electronic meters
  • Study of CRO for the measurements of voltage, phase angle., frequency etc.
  • Identification. and testing of Electronic components and devices. (Resister, Capacitor, Diode, Zener Diode, Transistor etc,) assembling of circuits using breadboard
  • Soldering practice – Soldering of circuits (Half wave and Full wave Rectifiers with and without RC filter circuits – Zener Voltage regulator)
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