Faculty Achievement

FDPs Attended Workshops Attended

  • Online FDP on “Inculcating Universal human values in technical Education” organised by AICTE -May 17-21 ,2021 –Professor S Sivakumar and Assistant professors Nandu Bhadran, Arun Raj ,Carishma .
  • KTU sponsored Online FDP on “Sustainable Green manufacturing- Industry 4.0” organised by RIET ,Nagaroor -August 9-13 ,2021- Assistant professors Afsal Mohammed and Carishma.  
  • KTU sponsored Online FDP on “The art gallery of engineering graphics” organised by SCTCE, Thiruvanathapuram -August 2-6 ,2021 –  Assistant professor Nandu Bhadran.
  • KTU sponsored Online FDP on “Outcome based education with assessment and evaluation” organised by Sahrdaya college of engineering and technology ,thrissur – July 26-31 ,2021- Assistant professor AlAmeen A.
  • KTU sponsored Online FDP on “Recent trends in mechanical engineering using machine learning”organised by MES Institute of technology and management ,Kollam – July 26-28, 2021 – Assistant professor Nandu Bhadran.
  • “3 day Online workshop on OpenFOAM” Organied by VIT Chennai-May 20-22 – Assistant professor AlAmeen A


  • Afsal KF -“ Parametric study of peizoelectric response of various materials using  comsol”, National conference on innovation in renewable energy technologies, June 11-12 2021, Marian Engineering college.
  • V. Subbian -“Experimental investigation and the performance evaluation of a mixed mode solar dryer for coconut” Materials Today,Elsevier, January  2021.
  • V. Subbian, S. Sivakumar – Optimization of solar tunnel for mango slice using response surface methodology, Materials Today,Elsevier, February 2021.

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