Paper Presentation (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Science and Engineering (ICATSE) 2019

PRS College of Engineering and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, May 2019.

  • Project Title: Low Cost Universal Lock Mechanism from Automobile Discarded parts.

         Group members: Ashiq Mohammed N, Reshin Thaj, Sreejith S P, Sarath C M.

  • Project Title: Eco friendly refrigeration system.

         Group members: Mayur Manoj, Aneesh A, Vishwin Anand.

  • Project Title: Automatic Gear shifting in motor bikes.

         Group members: Gokul G K, Adarsh Gopal, Bazeef B S, Ashwin Krishnan.

  • Project Title: Design and Fabrication of a Foot Operated Steeering System for Two Wheeler.

         Group members: Sajil Raj P R, Mohammed Shihab, Deepak Shaji, Aromal S J.

  • Project Title: Experimental Investigation on Forced Convection Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Circular Perforations in Rectangular Fins.

         Group members: Saayid Aslam, Rahul G R, Krishna Parasad A, Indrajith C T.

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