Prasanth M

Name : Prasanth M

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E in Applied Electronics

Experience: 9.5 years

Mail id: [email protected]


[1] Akhil U, Prasanth M, ”Moving Object Detection and Tracking Using Hybrid Model ” International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science, Volume 1, Issue 3,  2016

[2] Sree Rag R and Prasanth M,- “Conceal message and secure video transmission”, International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science, Volume:1, Issue:3, pp. 28-32, 2016.

[3] Mitna Murali T,Prasanth M: “A Proficient Roi Segmentation with Denoising and Resolution Enhancement”, International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, volume:4, Issue: 06 ,June-2015

[4] Lazeena V P, Prasanth M, ”A Robust Low Power Security System for Multi-Node Communication” International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 2, Issue 6,  2015

 [5] Sumi Mathew, Prasanth M, “Periodic impulsive noise reduction in ofdm based power line communication”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology ,Volume :3, Issue: 05 ,May-2014

[6] Devipriya A, Prasanth M,” ”Smart Association Control in Wireless Fidelity using FBA”, International Journal of ‘Computer Science and Mobile Computing’  Volume:2, Issue:8, , pg.24 – 32 August 2013

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