Designation : – Assistant Professor

Qualification :- MTech in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation 

Teaching Experience :- 12 years

Industry Experience :- 1 year

Email ID :- [email protected]


Title of Paper/Journal/ Conference


Sajitha, P., Andrushia, A. D., Anand, N., & Naser, M. Z. (2024). A Review on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Image-based Plant Disease Classification for Industrial Farming Systems. Journal of Industrial Information Integration, 100572.


Sajitha, P., Andrushia, A. D., Mostafa, N., Shdefat, A. Y., Suni, S. S., & Anand, N. (2023). Smart farming application using knowledge embedded-graph convolutional neural network (KEGCNN) for banana quality detection. Journal of Agriculture and Food Research, 14, 100767.


Sajitha, P., Andrushia, D. A., & Suni, S. S. (2023, August). Multi-class Plant Leaf Disease Classification on Real-Time Images Using YOLO V7. In International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks (pp. 475-489). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.


Sajitha, P., & Andrushia, A. D. (2022, April). Banana Fruit Disease Detection and Categorization Utilizing Graph Convolution Neural Network (GCNN). In 2022 6th International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICDCS) (pp. 130-134). IEEE.


Sajitha,P , Alwin John, Devika, Nafla ( June 2023) , Leaf Disease Detection & Correction using YOLO V7 with GPT3 integrated. In International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJERT) Volume & Issue : Volume 12, Issue 06 (June 2023)

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