Paper Presentation (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

International Conference On Advanced Technologies In Science And Engineering (ICATSE) 2019

PRS College of Engineering and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, May 2019.

  • Project Title: A Novel Method for the Separation of Harmonics in Induction Machine.

         Group members: Abdul Surakath, Fathima Hizana, Rahul Krishna B M.

  • Project Title: Aircraft Pitch Control using LQR.

         Group members: Al Bilal N,  Mukund A R and Ansha S.

  • Project Title: Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration using Multi Agent System.

         Group members: Ajay J A, Senila Salim, Akhil M.

  • Project Title: Performance Analysis of BOOST SEPIC converter for SRF based SAPF connecting PV system to grid.

         Group members: Swathi S, Athira Lekshmi, Nidhin Raj P V.

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