Designation :  Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.E in Structural Engineering

Email-Id [email protected]

Research Interests

  • Design and Analysis of structures, Bridges – RCC and Prestressed
  • Design of multi-storeyed buildings
  • Earthquake Engineering

Teaching Experience (in years) as of 2022 : 9.0

Title of Paper/Journal/ Conference Date
1.     Radhika P,Dr. C Jayaguru,(2013):Comparison of Seismic assessment procedures of Reinforced Concrete Buildings , International Journal for Research in Information Technology,ISSN 2001-5569 , Vol 1 , issue 5 2013
2.     Radhika P, Sreekesh K P,et.al.,(2018):Environmental friendly alternative for conventional method of water purification in still water bodies – Phytoremediation and Mycoremediation,International Journal of creative research thoughts, April 2018, ISSN 2320-2882 ,  Vol 6 , issue 2 2018
3.     Radhika.P,(2013): “Comparison of seismic assessment procedures of reinforced concrete buildings”, proceedings in National Conference on Advancements in Civil Engineering 2013
4.     Radhika.P. (2013):“Advantages of fly ash in the cementitious Properties”,proceedings in Indian Concrete journal 2013
5.     Radhika.P.,(2015): “Replacement of fine aggregate with quarry dust”, proceedings in International conference on recent advances in engineering, science & technology, “ICON’15” at Noorul Islam University, Tamilnadu 2015
6.     Radhika.P,Sreekesh K.P.,et.al., (2017): “Environmental friendly alternative for conventional method of purification in still water bodies”, Proceedings in  KETCON technological congress at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering 2017
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