Click here for Aeronautical Engineering syllabus (2019):


  1. ESL130 Electrical and Electronics Workshop
  2. EST100 Engineering Mechanics
  3. EST130 Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  4. HUN101 Life Skills
  5. MAT101 Linear Algebra and Calculus
  6. PHL120 Engineering Physics
  7. PHT110 Engineering Physics B


  1. CYL120 Engineering Chemistry Lab
  2. CYT100 Engineering Chemistry
  3. ESL120 Civil and Mechanical Workshop
  4. EST102 Programming in C
  5. EST110 Engineering Graphics
  6. EST120 Basics of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  7. HUN102 Professional Communication
  8. MAT102 Vector Calculus Differential Equation and Transforms


Click here for AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING S3 Scheme 2019


Click here for AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING S4 Scheme 2019


  1. AO301 Aerodynamics – II
  2. AO303 Aircraft Structures- II
  3. AO305 Flight Mechanics
  4. AO307 Aircraft General Engg and Maintenance Practices
  5. AO309 Experimental Stress Analysis
  6. AO331 Aiframe Production and Maintenance Lab
  7. AO333 Aircraft structural analysis lab
  8. AO341 Design Project
  9. AO367 Numerical programming
  10. ME367Non-destructivetesting


  1. AO302 Propulsion – II
  2. AO304 Vibration and aeroelasticity
  3. AO306 Avionincs and control systems
  4. AO332 Propulsion Lab
  5. AO334 Avionics and microprocessor lab
  6. AO352 Comprehensive Examination
  7. AO364 Actuators and controls in aircraft
  8. AO366 Aero acoustics
  9. HS300-Principles-of-management
  10. ME322 Heat transfer


  1. AO401 Computational fluid dynamics
  2. AO403 Aircraft systems and instruments
  3. AO405 Finite element methods
  4. AO407 Composite materials
  5. AO409 Wind tunnel techniques
  6. AO431 Analysis and simulation lab
  7. AO451 Seminar and Project Preliminary
  8. AO463 Cryogenics
  9. AO465 Industrial aerodynamics


  1. AO402 Rocketry and space mechanics
  2. AO404 Stability and control
  3. AO468 Airframe maintenance and repair
  4. AO492 Project
  5. BT362 Sustainable energy processes
  6. CE482 Environmental Impact Assessment
  7. IE488 Total quality management