Ms.Aiswarya A Satheesan

Designation :-  Assistant Professor

Qualification :- MTech in Propulsion Engineering 

Email ID :- [email protected]

Sl.No Title of Publications
1. Published book “ISRO till 2020” by BFC Publications in July 20, 2021.
2. Published paper “Aviation Psychology: Optimizing human Behaviours for the excellence in Aviation” in International Journal of Innovative Research in Management Engineering and Technology Volume 4, Issue- January 2019.
3. Published paper entitled “Overcoming Challenges of Spacewalk: Reducing the Risk for An Astronaut” in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development Volume 7 Issue 5, October 2020.
4. Published research paper entitled “Green Propulsion: An Emerging Technology in Space Industry” in International Journal for Innovative Research In Multidisciplinary Field in Volume 7, Issue 2, February-2021.
5. Published research paper entitled “Semi Cryogenic Propellants: An overview of a non-toxic propellant for delivering heavier payload to space” in International Journal for Innovative Research in Multidisciplinary Field, Vol-6, Issue -10, October 2020.
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