Department Association – NAKSHATRA

AURORA FEST – Inter College Techno Cultural Fest:

  1. Organized Live Event Ft Aswin Ram by Department of Aeronautical Engineering under Nakshatra in association with Aurora Fest 2021, Hosted by Alifna K M
    Students in Charge: Arun, Noufal
  1. Vocal’O 2021, a music competition held from June 12 to 18, 2021
    Students in Charge: Afna, Noufal
  1. The intercollege debate known as “Vaakum Vaadavum” was held on June 20, 2021.
    Students in Charge: Vivek, Hari, Sanooja
  1. EPIC – Versification conducted from June 16 to 20, 2021 on the Topic- The Elixir of Life
    Students in Charge: Nandana, Pranav M Nair
  1. Spin A Table – Story Writing held on 17-21 June 2021 
    Students in Charge: Aparna S, Neha Sajeev
  1. Unscripted – Career Guidance Talk by Prof S Sumith, Chief operating officer, SCET, karakonam, Manvila conducted on 19th June 2021. E- certificate was provided to the participants
    Students in Charge: Aiswarya, Midhun, Abhilash
  1. Organized OFFHAND- Extempore Competition on 22th June 2021 
    Students in Charge: Shinas, Arathy
  1. Held a drawing competition on June 24, 2021 called Shades of Graphite.
    Students in Charge: Divin, Reshma
  1. On 25th June 2021, a Videography Competition was held called Edition
  2. CHECK US OUT: A chess tournament held on June 26, 2021
    Students in Charge: Joben, Anjana, Adharsh
  1. On, 18-22 June 2021, Zenith – A Quiz Competition was organized by the association
    Students in Charge: Akshay, Shilpa


  1. Event 1:
    “Go green” – Poster making competition
    Students in Charge: Pranav M Nair, Arathy R
  1. Event 2: 
    Just A Minute –Ways to reduce environmental impact of aviation
    Students in Charge: Shinas, Krishnaveni
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