Dr.Subbian. V

Designation: Professor

Qualifications: Phd- Energy/Thermal Engineering, M.E – Manufacturing Engineering.

Email-Id : [email protected]

Areas of Interest :  Thermal, Heat Transfer, Engineering Graphics

Teaching Experience : 22 Years

Experience of Professor/ Associate Professor / Assistant Professor in the midst of over 21 years in teaching including more than 10 years in research.

Title of Journal Publications & Conferences
1.     Optimization of solar tunnel dryer for mango slice using response surface methodology
“Materials today proceedings” Elsevier, Available online 8 March 2021

Experimental investigation and the performance evaluation of a mixed mode solar dryer for coconut “Materials today proceedings” Elsevier, Available online 26 February 2021


Mathematical and experimental analysis of solar dryer for drying beef as a biological product”, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development, Vol. 9, Issue 4, July 2019.489-498.


“CFD based experimental analysis of solar tunnel dryer for tapioca using aluminum and copper absorber plate”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nano science, Vol.12, 1-5, 2017.


“Experimental investigation and neural network prediction of the performance of a mixed mode solar dryer for coconut”, Journal of Advances in Chemistry, Vol.12, no-25, pp. 5635-5644. 2016.


“Design and fabrication of a mixed mode solar dryer for drying copra”, International journal of thermal technologies,


“Mathematical and graphical analysis of dryer using response surface methodology; TAGA Journal of Graphic Technology,

Book chapter

  1. Optimization of solar tunnel dryer for four different edible products using response surface methodology” Advances in design and thermal systems” publisher springer, Singapore, Available online April 2021, ISBN: 978-981-336-427-1

International journal reviewer

Performed as a manuscript Reviewerin

  1. “Journal of advances in Chemistry (JAC)
  2. “Materials today proceedings 


Indian Society for Technical education- IIT (D) Campus, 

Membership number-LM67757

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