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AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Aeronautical Engineering is a science, encompassing the development, design, construction, testing, and operation of vehicles that operate in outer space and within the Earth’s atmosphere. The modern-day word Aerospace has replaced the terms Astronautical and Aeronautical.  Aeronautical engineering is concerned with the design and construction of aircraft, including how they are powered, used, […]

Congratulations to our student Devika for getting placed into TCS

Webinar On Self Modelling Robot | 25/9/21

E-Games competition | To be held on 19, 20, and 21 of September 2021

Webinar On Digital Entrepreneurship

ACE In News

Congratulations to our wonderful Toppers of the 2017-21 Batch for their extraordinary performance in the final S8 KTU Exams.

ACE College of Engineering has consistently exhibited brilliance and splendid performances in its educational programs. Recognitions are always our motivation and we vouch to pursue excellence with more vigor.

Congratulations to all our S8 KTU toppers

Congratulations to our students of the Department of Electrical & Electronics for their placement at US Technology

Best wishes to our students from the Department of Electrical & Electronics for their triumphant placement at US Technology. May you fulfil your inner passions and climb the ladder of success in all your future ventures.

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